A Common Operating Picture For Air Force Materiel by Raymond A. Pyles, Robert S. Tripp, Kristin F. Lynch, Don

By Raymond A. Pyles, Robert S. Tripp, Kristin F. Lynch, Don Snyder, Patrick Mills

Describes a possible universal working approach (COP) for the Air strength materiel sustainment procedure (MSS). The authors first increase a COP according to the rules of effects-based measures, schwerpunkt (organizational focus), choice rights, and a nonmarket monetary framework, then they observe the COP to depot-level reparable part sustainment to demonstrate how the COP might enhance total MSS potency and responsiveness.

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Method for Designing a Common Operating Picture 23 Identify the Processes and Decisions That Affect Each MOE Decisions are implicit in each and every demand- and supply-side process. The demand side chooses activity levels that generate demands. The supply side chooses which of those demands it will honor, how it will honor them, and how quickly it will honor them. The neutral integrator monitors their mutual progress and chooses when and how it may intervene to rectify conflicts or performance shortfalls.

That computational suite also provides summary logistics factors that relate fleets’ optempos to the financial requirements for DLR repairs and shelf stocks. 2. Because total maintenance and purchase budgets rarely match their respective requirement calculations in size, the supply agency relies on its previous experience supporting various items to allocate the available repair and purchasing funds to different NSNs. As it refines its final decisions, the supply agency will also work with the maintenance and contracting agencies to ensure that the planned repairs and purchases of each NSN reflect the maintenance capacity constraints and the changing prices for new spares.

Rather, one is concerned with two basic situations: when an MOEI has passed some level that is “out of the ordinary,” and when the MOEI’s recent values reflect a trend that would jeopardize the target MOE if it continues. Thus, one can envision two kinds of MOEIs: threshold values and trend measures. Trend measures provide an important complement to the threshold values, in that they may signal a deteriorating situation before the threshold value is reached. To ensure a system is achieving (or will ultimately achieve) its target MOE level, we envision using sentinels that automatically monitor the system’s MOEIs.

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