A Grammar of Spoken Brazilian Portuguese by Earl W. Thomas

By Earl W. Thomas

Nonetheless a regular of Brazilian Portuguese language guide.

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Where do you go at night in Rio? 1 3 . He writes a letter every night to his ( the) son at school. 14. He has a sister. 1 5. We leave for Brazil tomorrow. 1 6 . Who stays at home when you leave? 1 7 . Joe, where are you going? 1 8. On Saturdays, we study the lessons. = Lesson VIII 41. Forms of the irregular verb fazer, to do, to make. Present indicative. eu faço você faz ele faz nós fazemos vocês fazem eles fazem 37 42. Uses of fazer. Tlús verb has most of the uses of the two English verbs mentioned above.

When the infrnitive follows a preposition, its object may follow, but more often precedes it in BF. Pegar-me é o que ele quer. What he wants is to catch me. Ele correu para me pegar or pegar-me. He ran to catch me. Note : When these objects follow a verb form, they are connected with it by a hyphen. Vocabulary Nouns a (sala de) aula classroom a caneta / ê / pen a turma class ( o quadro-negro /ê/ blackboard = people); "the gang" 50 pI. quadros-negros Verbs Nouns o giz chalk pegar o, a colega /é/ colleague ; classmate esquecer forget o ano year chamar call preparar prepare, get (something) a universidade university a faculdade college, school a vez /ê/ time, occasion a estação season ; station a primavera /é/ spring o verão summer o outono catch ready freqüentar (of a university) attend Adverbs ontem yesterday ontem à noite last night hoje (à noite) tonight fall, autumn ainda still, yet ainda não not yet o inverno /é/ winter Adjectives o mês month pI.

Dou 1 2. Vou 13. Deixo 1 4. Como 1 5. Parto 1 6. Escrevo 1 7 . Compreendo 1 8 . Quero 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Faço Vendo Levo Moro Fecho Corro Desejo Exercise F. Give the preterit forms which correspond in person and number to the follow· ing forms of the present: 1 . Estou 2. Falamos 3. Estudam 4. Trabalha 5. Passo 6. Fico 7. Tomam 8. Sou 9. Deixo 10. Vai 48 1 1 . Quero 1 2 . Come 1 3 . Escreve 1 4. Corro 1 5 . Dá 1 6. Como 17. Corre 1 8. É 1 9 . Vamos 20. Querem 2 1 . Andam 22. Tenho 23. Fazemos 24.

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