A Linguistic Investigation of Aphasic Chinese Speech by Jerome L. Packard (auth.)

By Jerome L. Packard (auth.)

A Linguistic research of Aphasic chinese language Speech is the 1st exact linguistic research of a giant physique of aphasic chinese language typical speech info. This paintings describes how the most important aphasia syndromes are show up in chinese language, a language which differs considerably from languages upon which conventional aphasia concept relies. Following the chinese language information, a brand new reason for the foremost aphasia syndromes is accessible in keeping with the cognitive technological know-how modularity speculation. the speculation posits that Broca's aphasia is the results of computational deficits that take place inside of linguistic parts, whereas Wernicke's aphasia is the results of deficits that ensue within the move of knowledge among parts. it's tested how the fluent and non-fluent features of the foremost aphasia syndromes stick with without delay from the houses of cognitive modules.
distinct linguistic descriptions of Broca's and Wernicke's aphasia in chinese language are supplied, together with a precis of diagnostics of aphasia variety. the full corpora of 4 aphasic chinese language audio system, together with interlinear and loose translations, are awarded in an Appendix.

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The structural relation of the coverbial phrase to the main verb phrase (A. V-H. Li 1990, p. , Ross 1991, p. 93). 13 below. 12 Ta keyi chi zhongfan. he may eat middle-food He may eat lunch. 13 Ta yao chi zhongfan. he want eat middle-food He wants to eat lunch. 14. The order of elements within the modifier slot is generally quite free, with the few restrictions on their order largely a matter of semantic coherence. 3. 14 Women [xianzai)time [dou)lCope we now all We may all go with you now. , directly to the left of the verb).

2. , wu (phonetically [uD 'fog'. 2: Mandarin Syllable Structure (hierarchical) the syllable. 2), a medial glide, 7 As Richard Sproat points out, this is more true in the northern than southern subdialects of Mandarin. 2. 2). Any of the vowels may occur as nuclear vowels, only [iJ, [ii] and [u] may occur as medial glides, and only [i] and [u] may occur as coda vowels. The simple structure of the Mandarin syllable plus the fact that Mandarin consonants and vowels are relatively few in number, together mean that the set of possible syllable shapes in Mandarin is somewhat restricted in size.

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