A Negotiated Surrender by Jayne Castle

By Jayne Castle

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An instant later he was gone into the warm Arizona night. CHAPTER FOUR Calla came down from the series of entrechats, alighting in fifth position with the left foot in front, and knew even as she dragged air into her lungs that Miss Marsden was not going to be pleased. "No, no, no! " the older woman snapped unpleasantly as she ignored the other adult pupils to concentrate on Calla's failures. "You have been taking lessons long enough to know that the knees must be straight while in midair. " The tiny, imperious little woman known only as Miss Marsden clapped her hands to signal the required beats of the legs as Calla obediently sank slightly in a plié, jumped, crossed the right leg in a straight-legged beat, and once again descended in fifth with the left foot in front.

He shrugged. "The ballet has something to teach everyone. Why should I withhold the best from any of my students? But you're dripping wet. You should get into a shower," he went on, frowning emphatically. " Calla stepped forward quickly and put a hand briefly on his arm. "Thanks again for the flowers, Gary. " "I knew you were expending a great deal of energy on those negotiations," he said gently. "Miss Marsden's been yelling at you for nearly a month so I figured a lot of your strength wasn't going into the dance.

Lester Chapman had been right last night when he had warned her obliquely about the dangers of not supervising the transition period during York's reorganization of the firm. Someone needed to cushion the impact and who better than Calla? She certainly knew him better than anyone else after the past month! It wouldn't be a pleasant three months, she thought grimly as she turned down her street. But if she kept her head she could survive. The crucial thing was to keep out of York's physical reach.

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