A Philosophy of War by Alexander Moseley

By Alexander Moseley

Moseley considers conflict from all angles: Christian, Marxist, Platonic, behavioralist, financial, mental, and organic; he concludes that market-based societies are inclined to foster cooperation greater than strive against. ?

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586-589 Cf. 6 This is a particularly wonderful description by Theodore Zeldin: “I see thinking as bringing ideas together, as ideas flirting with each other, learning to dance and embrace. I appreciate that as a sensuous pleasure. Ideas are constantly swimming around in the brain, searching like sperms for the egg they can unite with to produce a new idea. The brain is full of lonely ideas, begging you to make some sense of them, to recognise them as interesting. The lazy brain just files them away in old < 21 > A Philosophy of War 12.

It is then that man often turns to the “Gods” (religion, or an all-encompassing philosophy) for security and for penance — a phenomenon characteristic of the modern soldier under fire as well as the Homeric. The organization of primitive war exists on a rudimentary level of sporadic teamwork, perhaps identified around specific individuals. Such tacitly or crudely organized affairs mimic the hunting patterns of animals or indeed hunting strategies themselves. “Among nations of hunters”, writes Adam Smith, “the lowest and rudest state of society .

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. pigeon-holes, like a bureaucrat who wants an easy life. ” Conversation, p. 85. Cf. J. Ayer. “Consider, for example, the simple action of drinking a glass of wine. ” Metaphysics and Commonsense (1967), from Almond, Ethics p. 7. A note should be made here on relating the definition to morality: that concepts relating to human nature and actions are contextual is not to imply that moral judgements are relativistic, which would entail, for example, that waging a particular war in one era is morally justifiable yet in another era morally unjustifiable.

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