A Practical Handbook of Seawater Analysis by J. D. H. Strickland

By J. D. H. Strickland

310 pages. Hardcover with dirt jacket. Fisheries study Board of Canada.

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In the second, we describe the calculations necessary for the full evaluation of the carbon dioxide system. 1. DETERMINATION OF EXPERIMENTAL QUANTITIES 1 . pH DETERMINATION A. 6 PRECISION The equipment and conditions that can be used are so varied that no general statement of precision can be made. 03 unit is probably sufficient and should be easily obtainable. 02 unit should be attempted and can be obtained under sea-going conditions if care is taken. For measurements designed to be used in the calculation of the relative amounts of the various forms of carbon dioxide (COZ - , HCO/ , and free C02 ) the highest possible precision is required in pH measurement.

2. 00 at 20-25 C) . 21 g of analytical reagent quality (primary buffer-standard speci­ fication ) potassium hydrogen phthalate, KHC8H404, in distilled water and make the volume to 1 000 ml in a measuring flask. Store in a glass bottle. The solution is stable almost indefinitely in the absence of evaporation. The formation of a slight turbidity introduces no error. F. 01000 N hydrochloric acid into a dry 200-ml polyethylene wide-mouth screw-cap bottle. 0 ml of seawater sample. Stopper the bottle and mix the solutions thoroughly.

C. SPECIAL APPARATUS AND EQUIPMENT A Beckman Model G pH meter, or an instrument of similar specification, should be employed with "wide-range" ( - 5 to 80 C, pH 0-1 1 ) glass electrodes and saturated calomel half-cell electrodes. 025 unit or better ) . Also needed are 200-ml wide-mouth screw-capped polyethylene bottles, one for each sample. D. SAMPLING PROCEDURE AND SAMPLE STORAGE No great problems are encountered in sampling and storage. The samples are best stored in plastic or in glass bottles that have been soaked for several days in 1 % hydrochloric acid and then rinsed thoroughly in distilled water before they are dried.

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