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It does not justice to the historical events and epochs which are only stations on the way of the absolute to greater self-consciousness, instantiations of the one metaphysical speculative logic of history. In his Ages of the World, Schelling transforms philosophy into history to refute this objection against his speculative system. He states: "Science (Wissenschafi), according to the very meaning of the word, is history (historia)... What is known is recounted, why can what is known of the highest science not be recounted as well, with the candidness and simplicity of everything else that is known?...

17 Baader recognized this as the central ontological change that took place in his time and anteceded the later dominance of absolute historicity in evolution theory. Absolute historicity is opposed to the idea of a free origin of time in creation. German Idealism understands the beginning of history as a fall of the absolute from itself, as an unfree beginning although Schelling in his later philosophy tries to reintroduce the freedom of the absolute. In the theological perspective, a beginning of the world in a fall of the absolute renders the world to be the consequence of a catastrophe or even sin.

His History of the Popes, History of the Reformation in Germany, History of France, and History of England - to name only the best known of his great works - are classics. In view of his enormous historiographical work, which comprises fifty-four volumes, to which the nine volumes of Universal History are added, Ranke counts far and away as the "greatest German historian," and achieved with enormous creative force and great depictive power a literary accomplishment of the highest rank. " Although such acclamations may be fundamentally problematic, Ranke is undoubtedly a central figure in the German discipline of history.

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