Advanced Computational Materials Modeling by Vaz M.Jr., de Souza Neto E.A., Munoz-Rojas P.A. (eds.)

By Vaz M.Jr., de Souza Neto E.A., Munoz-Rojas P.A. (eds.)

With its dialogue of suggestions for modeling advanced fabrics utilizing new numerical options, normally these in accordance with the finite point process, this monograph covers a variety of themes together with computational plasticity, multi-scale formulations, optimization and parameter identity, harm mechanics and nonlinear finite components.

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In Ref. [54], macroscopic functional forms of macroscopic yield surfaces are proposed as an alternative to the classical Gurson model [59]. We believe that further studies of the dissipative and nondissipative behavior of materials with a microstructure within the present multiscale framework should lead to the much needed development of new macroscopic models with an ability to capture the material behavior more accurately over a wider range of strain histories of greater complexity. In our view, this is a very interesting research topic with a potential to bring substantial benefits to the field of constitutive modeling of solids.

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