Advances In Biochemical Engineering Biotechnology Plant by J.-J. Zhong

By J.-J. Zhong

The hot achievements in engineering reviews on plant mobilephone cultures are reviewed, integrated are the gasoline focus results and bioprocess integration for the improved productiveness of plant secondary metabolites. The metabolic engineering of plant secondary metabolite pathways and recombinant protein construction from genetically changed plant cells are brought. Large-scale plant micropropagation through somatic embryogenesis and bushy roots is mentioned for effective propagation of desease-free, genetically uniform and big quantities of vegetation in vitro in gigantic quantities. Characterization and alertness of bushy plant roots endowed with photosynthetic features can be lined during this specified quantity.

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In particular, the consumption of O2 was followed as a marker of cellular activity. Oxygen consumption, rather than CO2 production, was chosen as an indicator of metabolic activity, for three reasons. First, the total amount of O2 in solution was much less than the amount in the headspace so any uncertainty in the former quantity was an insignificant fraction of the total amount of O2 . Second, production of CO2 can occur due to both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. The latter process, noticeable under reduced O2 concentrations (the Pasteur effect), results in less growth but more sugar usage and much more CO2 production than does the aerobic process [38].

A similar exercise for optimization of headspace composition on paclitaxel productivity was conducted. The effect of controlled headspace gas composition for suspension cultures of T. cuspidata was analyzed from data of Mirjalili and Linden [28] using the statistical program SAS to identify the optimum gas combination and the interaction of each parameter. A linear regression technique was used to fit the data to quadratic equations containing variables in the system. The sign and magnitude of the coefficients of each factor allowed comparison of important parameters.

The actual equation along with its development will be presented below. Ideally, we would like to obtain the instantaneous rate (of usage or production) as soon as the rubber stopper is applied. As soon as the gas composition in the headspace (hence also, the concentration of dissolved gases in the medium) changes, the behavior of the cells starts to change. However, there is, of course, uncertainty in measurement of the gas concentrations. If samples taken at a short time interval were used in the productivity calculation, the subtraction of two uncertain values close to each other would make the calculated productivity unacceptably inaccurate.

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