Relaxometry of water-metal ion interactions by Rudi Van Eldik

By Rudi Van Eldik

Content material: hide -- ADVISORY BOARD -- copyright -- desk of contents -- PREFACE -- ERRATUM -- creation: basic thought OF NUCLEAR rest -- I. what's Nuclear rest? -- A. LONGITUDINAL rest -- B. TRANSVERSE leisure -- C. THE ROTATING body ... -- D. CROSS-RELAXATION ... -- E. CROSS-CORRELATION ... -- II. leisure Mechanisms -- A. interplay WITH RAN ... -- B. rest by means of CHEMIC ... -- C. SCALAR leisure OF ... -- D. leisure through DIPOLAR ... -- E. QUADRUPOLAR chill out ... -- III. Water NMRD in Diamagnetic platforms -- A. PUREWATER -- B. WATER IN PROTEIN SOL ... -- REFERENCES 1 -- NMR rest IN answer OF PARAMAGNETIC COMPLEXES:RECENT THEORETICAL development FOR S=1 -- I. advent -- II. The ''Classical'' concept -- A. THE SOLOMONB̂LOEMB ... -- B. THE transformed SOLOMON ... -- C. VALIDITY OF the purpose- ... -- D. THE REDFIELD chill out ... -- III. The Curie-Spin rest and comparable subject matters -- A. THE CURIE-SPIN chill out ... -- B. PARAMAGNETIC go ... -- IV. the final (Slow-Motion) thought -- A. THE REDFIELD restrict AND ... -- B. THE LATTICE AND THE ZFS -- C. the results OF ZFS ... -- V. Electron Spin rest and the PRE in a few proscribing circumstances -- A. hugely SYMMETRIC SYS ... -- B. SLOWLY-ROTATING, LOW ... -- C. RAPIDLY-ROTATING SYS ... -- D. ELECTRON SPIN DYNA ... -- VI. Spin-Dynamics types -- VII. Outer-Sphere leisure -- A. basic points -- B. OUTER-SPHERE PRE AND ... -- C. OUTER-SPHERE sit back ... -- D. CHEMICAL trade -- VIII. Molecular Vibrations, Electron Spin leisure and the PRE -- IX. Concluding feedback -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 2 -- REFERENCES 2 -- 1H NMRD PROFILES OF PARAMAGNETIC COMPLEXES AND METALLOPROTEINS -- I. From the NMRD Profile to the Electron leisure Mechanism -- A. DEPENDENCE OF THE ... -- B. THE starting place OF opt for ... -- C. ELECTRON leisure ... -- II. From the NMRD Profile to the Structural and Dynamic Parameters -- A. DEPENDENCE OF THE ... -- B. COPPER COMPLEXES ... -- C. IRON COMPLEXES AND ... -- D. MANGANESE complicated ... -- E. different TRANSITION ... -- F. GADOLINIUM COMPLEXES ... -- III. Magnetic Coupled structures -- A. NUCLEAR AND opt for ... -- B. EXAMPLES -- IV. Conclusions -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS three -- REFERENCES three -- Gd(III)-BASED distinction brokers FOR MRI -- I. normal feedback -- II. Contributions to the Relaxivity -- A. INNER-SPHERE CONTRI ... -- B. OUTER-SPHERE CONTRI ... -- C. SECOND-SPHERE CONTR

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C. SCALAR RELAXATION OF THE SECOND KIND (37) While the terminology ‘‘scalar relaxation of the ¢rst kind’’ concerns J modulation (J: spin^spin or scalar or indirect coupling constant) by exchange phenomena, the usual example of the ‘‘second kind’’ is a spin 1/2 nucleus (I), J coupled to a fast relaxing quadrupolar nucleus (S) with relaxation times T1S and T2S (and spin number IS). The relevant interaction is of the form À Á JIS Ix Sx þ Iy Sy þ Iz Sz ð50Þ Here, JIS has to be expressed in rad sÀ1 (see the unit of JISSx below).

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