Airhead Operations: Where AMC Delivers by John Cirafici

By John Cirafici

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Government favoritism towards some clans at the expense of others further exacerbated difficult conditions . This condition led in 1988 to civil war-which amplified the suffering of civilians, who perished by the thousands-and promoted nationwide chaos . By January 1991 the government of Somalia had crumbled, and each of the various rebel factions began vying for a commanding position in a possible coalition administration. Conflicting goals, shortsightedness, greed, and fear acted against a practical compromise and plunged the factions into renewed strife .

End of airfield . Former Soviet fighter I V-A1dR airfields . INDP) 15 . Roof s removed from all bldgs Rutlwll on airfield and in town . should not enter taxiways without an escort . Low LEVEL ROUTES i] NONE AVAILAKE ROUTE NAMEIDESIGNATOR Source : MAC Form 340, Landing Zone Survey, 19 August 1992 . Figure 613 . Baidoa Airfield, Somalia 26 OPERATION RESTORE HOPE alleviate the hunger, the various relief agencies needed, for the long term, to bring shiploads of supplies into the ports and then move them by road into the hinterland .

LATERAL SAFTY ZONE SLOPE RATIO 0 D. LEFT CLEAR ZONE D. 98 10. ASURFACE C. EASTINO LONGITUDINAL RUNWAY ORAOIENT TRANSVERSE SECTION GRADIENTS LEFT SHOULDER RUNWAY RIGHT 14OULDER RIGHT CLEAR ZONE E . PENETRATIONS 1 . Numerous 6-10 foot trees/brush penetrate the clear zone for a standard approach to runway 23 . Recommend displaced threshold 500 feet, no waiver required . 2 . Numerous 6-10 foot trees/brush penetrate the clear area for the first 1500 feet of runway 23 . Nearest trees approximately 60 feet from centerline .

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