America's Unelected Rulers by Kent and Phoebe Courtney

By Kent and Phoebe Courtney

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This list should not be considered complete, inasmuch as it can be assumed that other members of the Council on Foreign Relations occupy positions of lesser importance in the Kennedy Administration . However, the above list gives a graphic picture of the over-all control that the CFR has managed to exert over the functioning of the United States Government itself . It will be noted that in the key areas of Foreign Policy, Foreign Aid, Disarmament, Defense, Treasury, Labor, and Intelligence, the CFR holds the reins of power because of the appointment of their members to the policy-making posts .

The Nato Handbook, published in 1961, gives in its first chapter a reason for the establishment of NATO, as follows : In view of the strength of the Soviet Union, the balance could only be restored in favor of the West by an alliance of the free countries of Europe with the two North American powers, the United States and Canada . The Atlantic Congress, held in London June 5-10, 1959, was attended by 650 citizens from every NATO country except Iceland . A report adopted by the Atlantic Congress at the Plenary Session on June 9, states : If we are to survive, we are faced by the necessity of opposing the Communist world .

Will assist the party or parties so attacked by taking . . such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force . . N . The above examples of the so-called anti-Communist purpose of NATO are what is fed to the American public via the communications media controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations . Below is what the American public is NOT told . Article 51 of the United Nations Charter seemingly permits mem- Entangling Alliances 45 ber nations to defend themselves against aggression by stating : Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense, if an armed attack occurs against a member of the organization .

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