An Introduction to Measure and Integration by Inder K. Rana

By Inder K. Rana

Integration is without doubt one of the cornerstones of research. because the primary paintings of Lebesgue, integration has been interpreted when it comes to degree thought. This introductory textual content starts off with the historic improvement of the proposal of the crucial and a evaluation of the Riemann fundamental. From the following, the reader is of course ended in the dignity of the Lebesgue imperative, the place summary integration is built through degree conception. the real simple subject matters are all coated: the basic Theorem of Calculus, Fubini's Theorem, Lp areas, the Radon-Nikodym Theorem, switch of variables formulation, and so on.

The e-book is written in an off-the-cuff kind to make the subject material simply available. thoughts are constructed with assistance from motivating examples, probing questions, and plenty of routines. it'd be compatible as a textbook for an introductory path at the subject or for self-study.

For this variation, extra workouts and 4 appendices were added.

The AMS continues specific distribution rights for this version in North the United States and nonexclusive distribution rights around the world, apart from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Sri Lanka.

Readership: Graduate scholars and learn mathematicians drawn to mathematical research.

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2n. j=1 j=1 and 1 < j < kn, let the intervals Ijn be renamed as Then 00 00 00 n D = U1n C UJn and EA(Jk) < EEA(Ijn) < n=1 n=1 k=1 ,q. n=1 j= In view of the above corollary, we have the following definition. 8. Definition: A subset E C JR is said to be a null set if, given E > 0, there exists a countable family of intervals {In In > 11 such that E C U=In and:`0 >1A(I) < E. 9. ) of the intervals. In fact, if E is a null set we can choose intervals of the type we like to satisfy the required properties.

Hence f E R[a, b] (iii) Show that lim n--oo f b f(x)dx_f 6 f (x) dx = 0. This will prove the theorem. 5. Exercise: Let fn(x) = xn, 0 < x < 1 , n = 1, 2, ... Show that fn is Riemann integrable on [0, 1]. Show that {f(x)}>1 converges for every x E [0, 1]. Is the limit function f Riemann integrable? Can you conclude that . lim in fn(x)dx 1 n-'O° Jin 1 f (x)dx? Another sufficient condition for convergence of Riemann integrals is given by the following theorem. 6. Theorem (Arzela): Let {f}>i be a sequence of Riemann integrable functions on [a, b] such that for some M > 0, Ifn(x)l < M V x E [a, b] and b n = 1, 2, ...

Further, f b f (x)dx = 0 if {x c [a, b] I f (x) > 0} is a null set. ) (iii) Let f, g be bounded functions on [a, b] such that f c 7Z [a, b] and {x E [a, b] I f (x) =A g(x)} is a null set. Is g Riemann integrable? If yes, is b f(x)dx = f b g(x)dx? fna. 19. Exercise: (i) Let g E -R[a, b] and assume m < g(x) < M for all x E [a, b]. Let f [m, M] --+ R be a continuous function and h = fog. 14 and g(x) = 1 if 0 < x < 1, g(0) = 0. Show that h = 9o f is not Riemann integrable on [0, 1], although both f E R[0,1] and g E R[0,1].

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