Analysing English as a Lingua Franca in Video Games by Pietro Luigi Iaia

By Pietro Luigi Iaia

This booklet examines the English lingua-franca (ELF) makes use of in a corpus of on-line and scripted video-game interactions. whereas examine in most cases explores the playful and technological points of computer-mediated communique, this learn makes a speciality of the options of cooperation, language simplification and authentication, lexical creativity and which means negotiation which are mostly activated in the «community of perform of avid gamers» to facilitate cross-cultural conversations. The scripted exchanges, in its place, are tested by way of the ALFA version (Analysis of Lingua Franca in Audiovisual texts), that's devised to investigate into the level to which the non-native members’ language adaptations are a part of the multimodal actualisation of the cognitive build of «non-native speakers», to which authors hotel on the way to suggested particular reactions at the a part of the receivers. eventually, because the members’ turns in either on-line and scripted interactions are visually represented as written messages on display, this study additionally contributes to the advance of the outline of written ELF diversifications, up to now no longer completely explored within the literature.

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S2: kill a pro and take their skin, simple S3: take me out of this shit, you pro S3: pff S1: pro sleeping S1: i honestly have no idea who i died to S1: lmfao S1: theres nobody here S2: Triggered by that reward S1: what was it S2: Cores S1: i’m too pro to care The above conversation is characterised by the typical non-conventional structure of the contracted forms, as in “theres nobody here”. At the same time, it is also interesting to account for the inclusion of 56 expressions that are completely out of context or even wrong in conventional communicative situations.

For example, these communicative contexts are defined as a form of “written speech” (Maynor 1994) due to their disjointed and fragmented structure, typical of everyday conversations; furthermore, the sequences of “turns and topics” entail that participants “tend to overlap and interrupt each other” (Rusaw 2011: 68; also cf. Garley 2008); finally, depending on the social distance between gamers, also these virtual exchanges may be ruled by the high-status players. This does not mean, however, that in-game and oral lingua-franca interactions are equal, but they can be associated with each other because of some distinguishing features, such as the deviations from the standard norms of English, or the levels of participants’ cooperation.

Furthermore, the above examples preserve the specific features of written interactions, in particular the use of punctuation, to illustrate the speakers’ will, and the range of punctuation that is used is very limited and mainly includes full stops and commas. Actually, The sporadic use of commas seems to indicate that speakers mark longer pauses only, producing a constant flux of words that recipients are expected to interpret.

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