Analysis of Seawater by E. Crompton (Auth.)

By E. Crompton (Auth.)

This ebook covers all elements of the research of seawater together with the main complicated actual innovations. Sampling, the decision of anions, disolved gases, atomic absorption, tracking radioactive degrees, non-metallic compounds are all mentioned in flip

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Dodecylbenzenesulphonate is added and the mixture extracted for 2 min with 50 ml carbon tetrachloride; 75ml acetone and 10ml 0 . 1 M hydrochloric acid are added to the separated organic layer and the azo-dye back-extracted into the acid. The extinction of the acid layer is measured at 543 nm in a 2 cm cell. 7ng atom nitrite-N per litre. Gianguzza and Orecchio [80] have carried out comparative trials of various methods for estimating nitrites in seawaters. These workers compared a method using sulphanilic acid/alpha-naphthylamine complexes, with a method using sulphanilamide/N(l-naphthyl) ethylenediamine complexes for the determination of nitrites in saline waters.

40 Analysis for anions and cations fluoride in synthetic seawater. 8 mV per decade change in fluoride ion concentration, and this value was used in the calculations of fluoride concentration in seawater. At lower levels of fluoride (<10" 6 moir 1 ), it might be assumed that the electrode behaves in a non-Nernstian fashion. However, calculations of the kind suggested by Rix et al. [29] reveal that the deviation from linearity can satisfactorily be attributed to residual fluoride resulting either from reagent contamination or from the electrode itself at a concentration of about 3 x 10"7 mol Γ 1 .

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